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"The thing that has most helped me is the unique and powerful mindset practices that Jen teaches in this group. Since joining, I’m absolutely committed to writing every day, no matter what else is going on. I’ve finally accepted the fact that small chunks of time add up, and I am seeing the results in terms of increased productivity: more blog posts, more time spent on my novel revisions, and gearing up to write/produce another film. And I was so inspired by seeing Jen become an Amazon best selling author, I just hit ‘publish’ on my very first eBook."​


“The accountability and mindset work are what have helped me most. The accountability is exactly what I wanted. Since joining the group, I’ve written a complete novel beat sheet/outline, written 23,000 words, thought up ideas for two eBooks that will get outlined in the fall, and edited/partially rewrote a political issue fact sheet targeted at the US presidential candidates and edited/partially rewrote a political issues video script–things I’ve never done before and wouldn’t have dared to do before creating my ‘pro mindset‘.”​


Mastermind Member

“I get inspired by hearing about where others are at along the journey. I devour Jennifer’s suggestions and mini-videos. I like listening to her talk! She gets me going. What I like best is the sincerity and tenacity of the members. It’s like having a group of 'writing pen pals.' I like being a witness to our members successes and dreams. Since joining the group, I’ve become a Featured Contributor to the blog,–I write a bi-monthly post for them now; I’ve created 1/2 of a new novel. Always holding a heart space for our group and the love of craft.”


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