finally become the writer you dream of being
(no more procrastination, resistance, Inconsistency or doubt) 

I believe there are two ways to do everything: the feel-good way or not. That is always the choice that's available to you.


Except Society has fed us a big lie all of our lives: that you have to work hard and sacrifice and do things you don't want to do in order to get where you want to go. ​​


Well, I'm calling bullshit on that. Yes, you have to do the work, BUT it doesn't have to be hard and you don't have to sacrifice anything that matters to you OR do things you don't want to do. You're absolutely allowed to enjoy what you're doing and feel good while you're doing it. 


If you're anything like me, you've attempted to do your writing career from those false societal beliefs previously, and it hasn't gone very well.


You feel tired and burned out. You've been at this forever now and still don't have much to show for it.


You're fed up with struggling and procrastinating and Resisting the one thing you know you're meant to be doing: writing and publishing your book(s).


You're at a fork in the road. You can continue doing things the way you have... or you can try the feel-good path instead.


I warn you, it's the road less traveled. But I promise you, it's the road that will make all the difference.

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Every month, we'll do a group writing critique where we'll focus on a specific aspect of our manuscript, such as the first five pages, the opening scene, a specific type of scene (such as a fight scene or a love scene), etc., and everyone will have the opportunity to get feedback.


On the first and final day of each month, as well as on Monday, Thursday and Sunday of each week, we do accountability check ins. These help keep you moving forward and getting shit done.


Each month, we'll have a writing contest, such as who can write the most words, add the most pages to their work-in-progress, etc. Whoever wins each month gets a prize.

--Laura Lützen, Feel-Good Writers Member


I’m Jennifer Blanchard

I'm an Author, Screenwriter, Developmental Book Editor, Radio Show Host and the Founder of Feel-Good Writers.


After YEARS of struggling to write a great story, I stumbled across my mentor, Larry Brooks, and his teachings on story structure, and it literally changed everything for me.


Since I began implementing what I've learned from Larry and all of my studying and practicing, I have:

  • Published my debut novel, SoundCheck, which got rave reviews from readers
  • Had my screenplay, The Rules, place as a Semi-Finalist in the Stage32 Rom-Com Script Contest

This is not accidental. It all happened because I mastered the principles of craft, learned how to tell a good story, and continually put my writing out there for feedback to help me make it better.


It took me a decade+ to get here. In this group, I will help you save time, cut years off your learning curve and speed up your success.



If you're ready to have everything you need to be a successful writer, author and storyteller, then join us by clicking on the button below.

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Feel-Good Writers Membership

"The thing that has most helped me is the unique and powerful mindset practices that Jen teaches in this group. Since joining, I’m absolutely committed to writing every day, no matter what else is going on. I’ve finally accepted the fact that small chunks of time add up, and I am seeing the results in terms of increased productivity: more blog posts, more time spent on my novel revisions, and gearing up to write/produce another film. And I was so inspired by seeing Jen become an Amazon best selling author, I just hit ‘publish’ on my very first eBook."​


Feel-Good Writers Member

“The accountability and mindset work are what have helped me most. The accountability is exactly what I wanted. Since joining the group, I’ve written a complete novel beat sheet/outline, written 23,000 words, thought up ideas for two eBooks that will get outlined in the fall, and edited/partially rewrote a political issue fact sheet targeted at the US presidential candidates and edited/partially rewrote a political issues video script–things I’ve never done before and wouldn’t have dared to do before creating my ‘pro mindset‘.”​


Feel-Good Writers Member

“I get inspired by hearing about where others are at along the journey. I devour Jennifer’s suggestions and mini-videos. I like listening to her talk! She gets me going. What I like best is the sincerity and tenacity of the members. I like being a witness to our members successes and dreams. Since joining the group, I’ve become a Featured Contributor to the blog,–I write a bi-monthly post for them now; I’ve created 1/2 of a new novel. Always holding a heart space for our group and the love of craft.”


Feel-Good Writers Member

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