Are You Ready to Turn the Draft You Have Into the Story You Want?

So you've finished the first draft of your story... but now you don't know what to do. 


You're feeling stuck and overwhelmed by everything that needs to be fixed.


Worst of all, you're not even sure if you've ended up with an actual story or not.


Wouldn't it be SO AWESOME to have a step-by-step process you can use to revise, not only this story, but every story you write from here on out? 


The Story Revision Self-Paced Course will give you exactly that and more.


The process I'm teaching you in this self-paced course is the EXACT process I've used for years to revise every single story I write, whether it's a novel, short story or a screenplay. 


Here's some of what we cover in the self-paced course:

  • Creating a post-draft scene list
  • How to fill plot holes or disconnects that come up
  • Rebuilding your story from scratch, if necessary
  • How to use what you already have as a jumping off point 
  • Re-structuring your story
  • Re-structuring your scenes
  • Removing anything that doesn't move the story forward
  • AND MORE!! 

  • Questions? Problems? 



  • 6 Self-Paced Lessons and Assignments 

    You get immediate access to the 6 modules with lessons on one step in the revision process and then you'll spend the week completing the accompanying assignment

  • A Full Breakdown and Example Story Revision

    Jennifer will be doing a full breakdown of how she revised her screenplay from the story she had to the final version that placed as a Semi-Finalist in the Stage32 Rom-Com Script Contest

  • A Workshop Member's Site

    You'll have access to the workshop member's site where all of the trainings and lessons will be posted on Monday each week


Self-Paced Course Investment: $7

Or Grab the Self-Paced Course + A 60-Minute Story Revision Call with Jennifer for: $157

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