Feeling Good Is the Path

to Everything You Dream Of and MORE

Feeling good is our natural state. It's who we really are. But over the course of our lives, it gets programmed into us that feeling good is a temporary state and feeling bad is normal. We call bullshit on that.


The Feel-Good Life Center's purpose is to help you return back to your natural state. 

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Our Feel-Good Philosophy

Feeling Good Is The Point and The Path.

When you feel good, you're on the same vibrational frequency as everything you desire and dream of.


That's the place to create your life from. 


Feeling good is not only the point of every single thing you desire to have, do and be, but it's also the path to receiving all of those things. 


At The Feel-Good Life Center, we believe:

  • In being selfish enough to care about how you feel
  • You create your own reality with your thoughts and feelings/emotions
  • You hold the power to be, do or have anything you desire and dream of
  • There is no assertion; if it shows up in your reality, you are a vibrational match to it
  • That reality is a personal experience and what feels good is unique for each individual 
  • Feeling good is a daily priority
  • To feel good is to feel God
  • We are source energy in human form
  • We live in a vibration-based universe 
  • Everything is energy
  • In being a cooperative component to the universal energy 
  • Curiosity and wonder over judgment and wronging

"Do more of what makes you happy, that's our philosophy"

--Jennifer Blanchard, founder of The Feel-Good Life Center


Jennifer Blanchard

Jennifer Blanchard is a multi-passionate writer, storyteller, Developmental Book Editor, writing mentor, creative entrepreneur, t-shirt collection owner, certified Holistic Health Coach, spiritual teacher, and the founder of The Feel-Good Life Center. It's her mission in life to change the way people think and challenge what they believe is possible. 


She has authored more than a dozen books and is also coauthor of the book, Miraclefesting: Inspiring Stories to Help You Recognize and Create Everyday Miracles In Your Life.

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