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Finally Write A Story That's Worth Publishing

The Workshop for Emerging Storytellers Who Want to WRITE SELLABLE NOVELS AND SCREENPLAYS




Have you ever written 25,000 words of a draft and then got stuck?


Do you have a clear idea of how your story has to begin and end, but the middle is always fuzzy?


Have you read every book on fiction writing and taken every workshop you could find, but you still haven’t been able to implement what you’ve learned into a cohesive, engaging story?


You’re feeling frustrated and blocked. And too often you find yourself watching Netflix or reading books instead of working on your own stories.


When you do manage to get yourself to show up to the page, you easily get distracted and end up self-sabotaging by wasting time on Facebook or checking email.


And after all these years of playing with story ideas in your head and writing first drafts you’re still not where you want to be. Not finished. Not finding an agent. Not published. 


If you don’t get a handle on this right now, a year from today you’ll still be in the same place—continuing to feel frustrated and one day maybe even quitting because you’ve had enough of the struggle.


At worse, you’ll die and your story will die with you. But let’s not go there…


Instead, imagine if anytime you got inspired, you had a process you could use to develop the idea into an actual story, and then create a story plan, with structure and a scene-by-scene roadmap you can use to write your first draft.


And not just any first draft, but a first draft that contains the bones of your story and that’s a revision and edit away from being self-publishable or ready to submit to agents, executives and publishers.


There are 3 parts to writing a story: Find Your Story + Develop and Plan the Story + Write the First Draft. This course takes you through all three parts of the story development and writing process and supports you in finishing what you start through daily accountability check ins and weekly live-virtual group work sessions. 


So had I. As an ambitious learner who is always ready for more, I spent years of my life reading books and taking every workshop and class I could find on fiction writing and storytelling. And while all those books and workshops and classes were great, they didn’t quite get it right.


Because there were key things missing that makes the difference between a killer story and an episodic narrative of a character’s life. They also missed key things when it came to actually doing the writing–crippling things that can stop you from finishing. Ever.


The biggest gap of all that I found was there is very little out there in how to IMPLEMENT these key storytelling and craft principles into your own stories.


It’s great to have the info about craft and to learn all the plot point names and definitions, but if you don’t know how to then take that craft and those plot points and actually bring them to life in your own story, then all that knowledge is for nothing.


So after teaching dozens of my own classes and workshops and coaching hundreds of writers and seeing where they struggled and got stuck the most, and paying close attention to my own process and how I take an idea and turn it into an actual story, I’ve created a course that is the gap-filler.


That will help any writer who struggles with getting 25,000 words into a draft and then getting stuck, or knowing what to do for the beginning or end of the story, but having no clue what goes in the middle, or who has a story idea and wants to bring it to life on the page, but just doesn’t know how (and anytime you’ve tried, it never comes out quite right).

This ain’t no fiction writing 101 shit–this is deep-dive master-level shit that will transform your storytelling ability, allowing you to not only have a better understanding of story, but also be able to implement it in your own stories and have a repeatable process you can use over and over again for every story you write, forever.



Phase 1: Develop and Plan the Story

  • Find the Right Story Idea — you’ll learn how to choose which story ideas are worth developing and writing, and which aren't
  • Concept — you’ll create the landscape or “stage” that your story will take place on
  • Premise, Character, Theme — you’ll figure out your plot, who your Protagonist and opposing Antagonist are, what the Protagonist’s character arc will be, and the theme that supports it all
  • Subplot — you’ll determine the side stories that will be going on along with your core plot
  • Story Structure — you will build the structural framework for the plot points of your story
  • Scene Roadmap — with the plot points in place, you will now create the specific scenes that will connect your plot milestones and create a cohesive story
  • Getting Words on the Page, Scene Writing — you’ll start writing your first draft and getting your scenes written with ease

Phase 2: Writing the First Draft

  • Writing Voice — you’ll improve your writing voice and dialogue, as you prepare to bring the story to life on the page
  • Dealing with Resistance, Procrastination, Fear, Distractions, Doubt, Disorganization — you’ll defeat the top 7 things that cause writers to self-sabotage and not finish their novels



  •  Write Your Damn Story–the full 8-week course (a $497 value)

  • Private Facebook Group for Accountability, Support and Community (a $1,497 value)

    You have direct access to Jennifer Blanchard in the Facebook for feedback, support and guidance as you go, and you can connect with other workshop participants from all around the world.

  • Weekly Q&A Livestreams with Jennifer Inside the Private FB Group When The Workshop Is Live 2x A Year (a $1,997 value)

    Each week during the live workshop (2x per year) you'll have the opportunity to join Jennifer Blanchard live for a Q&A session inside the WYDS Facebook group. All livestreams are recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time if you can't be there live. 

  • A Library of Recordings from Q&A Livestreams with Jennifer Blanchard (a $997 value)

    You have access to recordings from previous livestream Q&As Jennifer has done with live WYDS groups. (There is GOLD packed into these recordings!!) 

  • A repeatable process for planning and developing a story from idea to first draft (Priceless!)

    The process you learn and use in this workshop will help you with every story you write from here on out. Forever.


  • ‘Finish Your Draft’ Support (a $97 value)

    In addition to the 8-week workshop, you’re getting an extra 30 days of support so you can finish your story plan and/or start and/or finish your first draft.

  • Kick-Start Your First 25,000 Words (a $97 value)

    This training will get you motivated and putting words down on the page at a rapid pace 

  • The Story Revision Kit (a $150 value)

    This kit has everything you need to revise your story, including checklists, audio trainings and more.

  • How To Find and Hire An Editor (a $150 value)

    This MP3 training and resource list will help you find the best editor for your project and your budget

  • Sell More Books (a $97 value)

    This masterclass will teach you the foundations of building an author platform online and using it to sell more books

  • Lifetime Updates (Priceless!)

    Whenever I update the Write Your Damn Story course materials, you’ll automatically get access to the updates, forever AND anytime I run it live you get to participate for free



FAQs About Write Your Damn Story

1. I’ve taken tons of fiction writing courses and read tons of books…what makes Write Your Damn Story different?


Write Your Damn Story isn’t just another fiction writing course. It’s a hands-on experience in turning an idea into a workable first draft of a story. And learning a process that you can repeat with every story you write, forever.


You’ll not only have step-by-step guidance, but depending on which package you choose, you’ll also get unlimited access to Jennifer in  the private Facebook group, so you can get feedback, support and guidance along the way.


Best of all, WYDS will work for you, whether you want to write novels, screenplays or short stories. The principles of storytelling are the same across.


2. Does “live” workshop mean you have to be there in person?


Nope! Live just means there are sometimes specific dates when the workshop will be run live. This typically happens twice a year (in February and in September), and you can participate live every time, forever. This workshop is 100% virtual–so you work at your own pace and participate no matter where you are in the world. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection.


3. How does the workshop work?


Each week for eight weeks you'll receive a weekly lesson and assignment posted in your workshop member's site (see the “course schedule” above for complete details). Access the training and do the assignment at your own pace.


Post your assignments in the private Facebook group to get feedback and guidance as you go through the course. You also get access to a selection of Bonuses (see above) based on when you signed up.

    This Workshop Is Perfect For You If You:

    • Don’t want to waste yet another year writing a draft you can’t do anything with
    • Get stuck in the middle of the story and never know what to do from there
    • Desire a process that allows you to take your idea, flesh it out and turn it into an actual story with structure and a scene-by-scene roadmap you can use to write your first draft (plus, a repeatable process you can use over and over again)
    • Would thrive with support, accountability and feedback from a professional author, storyteller and developmental book editor


    Hey, I'm Jennifer!

    I'm a Novelist, Screenwriter, Developmental Book Editor and Story Coach who spent 13 years totally oblivious to what it took to write a good story. Once I figured out what was required, I was able to master the craft of storytelling, which allowed me to publish my debut novel, SoundCheck (in May 2015), and have my screenplay, The Rules, place as a Semi-Finalist in the Stage32 Rom-Com Script Contest (in Feb 2019).

    Jennifer was my guide, my light. She kept me from getting lost. If you don’t have a structure to work from, after about twenty-five thousand words, you will not know where you are, let alone where you need to go. She worked with me step-by-step from idea to concept to premise, and then worked with me on plugging in plot points, pinch points and developing characters. The process was quite creative and even though I was itching to write, the planning and development of a story was much more creative than I thought it would be. This novel is my best to date. And now thanks to the book Jennifer helped me with, I have signed with a NYC agent who is shopping my novel to publishers.

    Stephanie Raffelock

    Johnna Hutnick

    Next Live Date: September 7 to October 31*




    *Although the content of this workshop is sent to you once a week for eight weeks, you have access to the content and the private Facebook group forever, so there's no rush to go through the course. Take your time and have some fun.


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