Unlock Your Soul-Blueprint For More Success, More Opportunities, More Clients and More Money

What if you could achieve your goal and desired outcomes by ONLY doing things that light you up and feel good to you?


What if your life (and business) could be based around your passions and desires and NOT on rules, shoulds or other people's agendas? 


How amazing would it be to wake up every day and know EXACTLY what you needed to focus on to feel good and make opportunities, success, money, happiness, etc, fall into your lap with total ease?


No more trying to figure things out.


No more stressing about where to invest your energy and time each day.


No more worrying about how you'll create the results or the success you desire.


Because you'll have a success blueprint that comes directly from your soul, and you can follow it to achieve everything you desire.


This soul-blueprint is already inside you right now. It's been there for your entire life. And all you have to do to access it is unlock it.


Over the past 12 months, I have unlocked my own soul-blueprint, and as I've stepped more and more into doing the things my soul is leading me to do, the more opportunities, clients and money have been showing up in my life and business.


Like magic. With total ease and flow. 


Just figure out the activities that are your soulwork on this planet and commit to doing them every day. That's all you have to do to create the success you dream of having, with total ease and flow.


No more external strategies, opinions, shoulds or approval needed. 


And your soul-blueprint will work for you forever, no matter what you dream of or desire to have, be and do.


And I'm going to help you unlock your soul-blueprint (and more!) in Soulwork.


  • Daily Prompts, Audio Trainings Or Exercises

    Every day for 21 days you'll receive a prompt, audio or exercise to complete. Each one will dive deeper into helping you uncover, discover and unlock your soul-blueprint and personal soulwork activities.

  • 3 Livestream Q&As
    (1 per week)

    Each week during the workshop we'll have a livestream discussion and Q&A that will take place right inside our private Facebook group.

  • Access to Jennifer in the Private Facebook Group

    Get access to Jennifer in the private Facebook group for any questions or support as you work on uncovering your soulwork activities and unlocking your personal success blueprint.


    You will also connect with the rest of the workshop participants and be able to post for feedback or to ask questions from the group.



  • Questions? Problems? 

  • hello@dreamlifeorbust.com

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